The history of 3 Comuni Lake

Cavazzo Lake, also known as 3 Comuni Lake, is the largest natural lake in Friuli-Venezia Giulia and covers an area of 1.74 square kilometres.
Originated by the withdrawal of a glacier, it’s 195 meters on the sea level at the foothills of the mountains Festa and San Simeone. As a result of the glacier’s withdrawal, it is lower on the sea level than the Tagliamento river that flows 3 kilometres away.
Currently the lake is fed both artificially from Ambiesta and Verzegnis waters and naturally by some natural groundwater sources which turn out to be veritable holes.
According to an ancient legend the lake was born from sky tears dropped as rain.

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What to expect

This is just a taste of what you will find at Lago 3 Comuni.

Flora and fauna

A vast reed thicket, scientifically called fragmiteto or reed stand, surrounds the southern shore, which is the ideal habitat for various native fish species such as pike, eels, tench, perch and more.
The avian fauna is also very rich and the common mallard, the coot, the kingfisher and the crab goose are the most visible species while strolling along the banks.
In addition, it is possible to find several bird watching towers along the lake.

The Val del Lago and its surroundings

The valley is renowned for the various native butterflies species.
Moreover, in Bordano it is possible to visit the “Butterflies House” in order to discover butterflies and other insects from all over the world.
The campsite is also an excellent starting point for hikers who want to try the trails of the Carnic Pre-Alps, enjoying breathtaking views in a peaceful silence.
Cornino Lake Nature Reserve is just a few kilometres away from the campsite. Close to the same-named lake, the Nature reserve has a peculiar fauna and its the ideal habitat for the griffon vulture.


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