The lake

Three Comuni Lake

Three Comuni Lake, also known as Cavazzo lake, is the largest natural lake of Friuli and covers an area of 1,2 km².

 It has a glacial origin and it’s at an elevation of 195 meters on the sea level.
It is surrounded by mountains, the best known of whom are Mount San Simeone and Mount Festa on the eastern side.

It is fed both artificially and naturally by some natural groundwater sources which turn out to be veritable holes.

According to an ancient legend the lake was born from sky tears dropped as rain.


A large cane field is located on the southern side of the lake and it’s an ideal habitat for the reproduction of many fish species, such as pike, eel, tench and many others.
Bird fauna is also very rich: it is common to see mallard ducks, kingfishers and bean goose.  On the lake sides it is possible to find many birdwatching stations.

The valley is also renowned for the presence of many native butterfly species and a couple miles away it is also possible to discover the Butterfly House of Bordano.

Our camping is the best starting point for those who want to walk on the paths through the woods of Prealpi Carniche enjoying the stunning landscapes far from any noise.
A few miles away it is possible to find the Cornino Lake’s conservation area, best known for being a Griffin’s natural habitat with a big variety of plants and animals.